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Treatment options for neck and spine conditions can bring questions or concerns. It is our mission to make sure you are educated on your condition, all treatment options, procedures performed, recovery and clear up any misinformation that could cause unneeded anxiety. Below are some frequently asked questions.


If I see the spine surgeon, is my only treatment option spine surgery?

No. Actually, the majority of our patients initially seen in our clinic are offered conservative treatment options such as spine injections, education regarding spine health, and referrals to physical therapy and chiropractic professionals.


Do I need to be referred to you from another physician?

Yes. We only accept patients through physician referrals.


What is minimally invasive surgery (MIS) of the spine?

While many patients think that MIS surgery simply means that the skin incision is smaller, this is only a small aspect of MIS techniques. In fact, smaller skin incision size is typically not a priority during MIS techniques. During MIS spine surgery, the goal is to treat each spine problem through an approach that causes as little native tissue disruption as possible. This requires special instruments and surgical training and techniques. In contrast to traditional spine surgery which strips muscle and ligament from the bone of the spine, or removes an excessive amount of key spine structures, the goal of MIS surgery is to work around the muscles and ligaments, and to preserve vital structures that give stability to the spine. The ultimate goal is a faster recovery, less post-operative pain and bleeding, and better long-term outcomes by preserving as much normal tissue as possible.


What types of insurances do you accept?

We accept most major insurance plans. For insurance questions, please feel free to contact us at 208-667-1376 to confirm your insurance.


What do I need to prepare for my first appointment?

Before your first visit, we ask that you print out and complete our New Patient Forms, and bring them with you to your appointment. This information is essential to your visit with our providers. These forms can be downloaded from our website under the ‘Patient Forms’ section.


If I am scheduled for a spine injection, do I need someone to drive me after the injection?

Yes. While many people feel that they could drive after their spine injection, for safety, you will need a driver because patients can sometimes feel lightheaded, dizzy, etc. for a short period of time. This poses a risk of injury to yourself or others if operating a vehicle. You are typically safe to drive the following morning if not experiencing any unusual symptoms.


What is the difference between a DO and an MD surgeon?

While both MDs and DOs are trained and approved to perform all aspects of surgical and non-surgical medical care in the United States through post-graduate training including medical school, residency, and fellowship, DOs require additional training during medical school focusing on Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM). Though OMM is a very unique approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions, portions of it can be described as in-depth musculoskeletal anatomical education focusing on hands-on manipulation that incorporates technical aspects similar to a combination of physical therapy, chiroporactic care, massage, and stretching.


Does Inland Northwest Spine and Neurosurgery have offices in any other locations besides Coeur d’Alene?

Yes. We see patients in Moscow, St Maries, Kellogg, and Sandpoint. Call our office for questions regarding scheduling an appointment at these outside clinics.